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What is the affiliate commission rate?

The commission rate is now at 20% of the course fees, nett of any credit card or PayPal fees. STC reserves the right to amend this rate from time to time, but any changes will only be applied to future referrals and will not be retroactively applied.

If I share the link to Course A, but the customer buys Course B instead, do I still get paid?

Of course! It doesn’t matter which course you share – as long as the customer visits our site through your link, it’s your referral.

If I share an article or course page on Facebook (or any other social media platform), and it gets re-shared by other people, do I get paid?

Yes you do! That’s the beauty of our affiliate program. If the link you share gets viral, all the traffic that visits our site via your link belongs to you! And you get paid for all the sign-ups from these visits!

If a person signs up a few days after he/she clicks on my link, is it still a valid referral?

Yes! As long as the customer signs up within 30 days of clicking on your link, you will get paid. This is tracked by placing a cookie on the visitor’s browser, which lasts for 30 days.

If I share an article on STC’s blog, and the visitor signs up for a course, do I get paid?

Yes! You may share any page or blog post from our site, and still get paid if the visitor clicks your link and eventually signs up for a course by navigating our site.

Is there an expiry date to my links?

No, links don’t ever expire. Even if someone visits a link that you planted years ago, and purchases a course soon after, you still get paid! In the event a course is no longer offered, the visitor will be redirected to the next most similar course.