Web Design Course Singapore

In 4 Hours, Learn How to Build Beautiful Websites (the Easy Way)


I am a total beginner in online marketing stuff. Will I really be able to learn web design?


I am a busy professional who wants to set up my business presence online. How can I learn web design in the shortest time and simpliest way?


How can I create a website that effectively generates tons of client leads and sales forever? You know, like a lead-generating machine?


I want to design mobile-friendly, responsive websites that are sleek, modern and professional. Where can I learn the latest tools in web design without being a design person?

Introducing Our Revolutionary Web Design Course

Say GOODBYE to old school marketing. Say HELLO to effective online marketing.

Easy Does It

Learn how to create beautiful, professional websites yourself quickly and easily as an absolute beginner in our web design course  – and save thousands of dollars on hiring a web designer!

Save Time

Never waste another day on cold calling again, as your website from the web design course provides you with a continuous stream of targeted leads.  Spend more time serving clients and closing deals, as you cut down prospecting time to practically zero!

Save Money

Never flush away thousands of dollars on under-performing advertisements again, as online marketing is proven to be cheaper and more effective.  You can now get more business, and reduce your marketing costs after attending the best web design course!

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates

Our web design course participants are property agents, SME owners and their employees, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

“After the web design course, I’m now confident of marketing my business online and bringing it to a whole new level, as well as creating new and exciting business opportunities.”

Benjamin Chee

Owner, Benj-Mark

“In this web design course, I have learnt how to create websites in a very simple and hassle-free manner, even for a beginner like myself.”

Raymond Ng

Property Agent, Propnex Realty

“This web design workshop would be very useful especially for those who are interested in building websites but are not professionally trained.”

Pauline Choo Si Xuan

Indigo Group (a leading tuition agency in Singapore)

What You Will Take Away From the Web Design Course

Learn the Latest Tools in Web Design

In our web design course, you will learn simple but powerful tools to create beautiful websites using WordPress. Learn how easy it is to create and maintain your own website. Turn from a web design zero to hero in just four hours!

Create an Actual Website

Put into practice what you learn by building an actual website during the web design course. Our trainer will guide you step by step to ensure you get your website up and running. That’s a great way to finally kick start your own website!

Get Support from Other Participants

After the web design course, you will be given access to an online forum where you find other web design course participants, past and present – ask questions and get help! The forum helps you stay motivated, follow up and succeed in your endeavour!
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Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will…

  • Have a professional-looking website built on your own
  • Know how to build websites quickly and easily
  • Know how to maintain your websites easily and effortlessly

Course Outline (100% Hands-On!)

  1. Web Design and Online Marketing
    • What is web design?
    • What is online marketing?
    • How does your website fit into online marketing?
    • Why is your website the most crucial element in online marketing?
  2. Setting Up WordPress
    • Why WordPress?
    • Introduction to CPanel and WordPress
    • Installation of WordPress into your website
  3. WordPress Basics
    • Tour of the WordPress admin area
    • Choosing the right template for your WordPress website
    • Overview of posts, pages and projects
    • Adding and editing pages, posts, categories and tags in WordPress
    • Adding images and videos to your website
    • Creating a dynamic slider on your website
    • Creating and managing navigation menus
  4. Widgets and Plugins
    • Finding and choosing WordPress plugins
    • Installing and activating plugins
    • Creating contact forms
    • Integrating social media channels
  5. Advanced Topics (if time permits)
    • Building visitors’ information using Google Analytics
    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • How to maintain your website easily from your mobile device

One of our web design course participants reported increased client lead generation by more than 1000% and cost savings of $1,500/month compared to traditional advertising.

Small Class Size Limit + Hands-On Training = You Learn Better!

100% of ALL participants who attended this web design workshop said they would highly recommend it to their friends.

“I would absolutely recommend this web design course to my friends, especially for novices as the entire web design class was very simple to follow.”

Terence Tan

Property Agent, Propnex Realty

“The hands-on nature of the web design workshop made it extremely fun, practical and memorable. Highly recommended.”

Benjamin Chee

Owner, Benj-Mark

“I will use this knowledge to revamp my existing property website. Definitely recommending this web design course to all my friends!”

Chay Yu Fay

Property Agent, ERA Realty

Full Money-back Guarantee

By the end of this web design course, if you still cannot create your own webpage and are not satisfied for whatever reason, let us know and we will refund you the full web design course fee.  There is NO RISK in signing up for this web design course!

How Much is the Web Design Course Worth?

Here’s how much value you are really getting from our web design course.


FREE powerful website template that you can plug and use: Worth $86/year


FREE ASSISTANCE in setting up of domain name and hosting: Worth $100*


FREE access to online forum where you get free consultation: Worth $1,000


Your own website at end of session: Worth $2,000-$5,000


Your ability to maintain your own website: Worth $5,000/year

Total value of workshop: Worth $8,000-$11,000 (AMAZINGLY GOOD VALUE!)

* Cost of domain name and web hosting is not included.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Web Design Course)

Who should attend this web design course?

You should attend this web design course if you are a/an


  • Property agent who wishes to generate more client leads through online marketing
  • Other professional who wishes to expand their skill-set by picking up web design in an efficient manner
  • Business owner who wishes to differentiate themselves from their competition by creating a BIG online presence
  • Aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to learn how to create an online impact for the purpose of blogging, selling products or services and other ways of making money online
  • Anyone else who wishes to learn how to build an awesome website quickly and easily
I'm an absolute beginner in web design. Will I really be able to learn web design in just 3 hours?

Yes. Even if you know nothing about web design. This is because our course is specially tailored for the beginner in mind. But you do need basic IT and internet knowledge.  Read our participants’ testimonials above.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending this web design course?

No background on web design is required.  However, basic computer skills are assumed.  You will also be required to bring a laptop for the web design course.

Who is the trainer for this web design course?

Our trainer for this web design course is Ms. Charlene Ng, an online marketing practitioner and IT professional with more than 8 years of industry experience. Charlene’s specialty is in web design using WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She has consistently been rated highly by participants of our courses/workshops. Just some of the feedback given by participants:

  • “I like the trainer who readily shared many of her own experiences with web design and gave many tips for improvement. Keep up the good work! :)”
  • “The trainer Charlene was very knowledgeable and conducted the workshop in a very hands-on and interesting format.”
  • “The trainer Charlene was humble, approachable and very helpful!”

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