Learn SEO at Our SEO Course so Your Customers Can Find You!


Have a website but hardly getting any leads?


Spending too much money on advertising which leads to nowhere?


Want to learn how your top competitors get so much business?


Want to learn the most important elements of SEO in a 4 hour SEO course?

Introducing Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

Say GOODBYE to old school marketing. Say HELLO to effective online marketing.

Easy Does It

Learn the fundamentals of SEO from scratch in our SEO class and using simple yet effective techniques and tools that we provide, see your website rankings shoot up drastically!

Save Time

Never waste another day on cold calling again, as our SEO course equips you to get a continuous stream of targeted leads.  Spend more time serving clients and closing deals, as you cut down prospecting time to practically zero!

Save Money

Never flush away thousands of dollars on under-performing advertisements again, as online marketing is proven to be cheaper and more effective.  You can now get more business, and reduce your marketing costs!

“Without substantial online traffic, a website is useless.”

What You Will Take Away From the SEO Workshop

Learn the Latest Tools in SEO

In our SEO course, you will learn simple but powerful tools to conduct SEO on your website. Learn how to rank on Google page one and beat out your competition. Turn from an SEO zero to hero in just four hours!

Do SEO on an Actual Website

Put into practice what you learn by performing SEO on an actual website during the SEO course. Our trainer will guide you step by step to ensure you get all the essential tools set up. That’s a great way to kick start your SEO!

Get Support from Other Participants

After the SEO course, you will be given access to an online forum where you find other SEO participants, past and present – ask questions and get help! The SEO forum helps you stay motivated, follow up and succeed in your endeavour!

One of our SEO course participants reported increased client lead generation by more than 1000% and cost savings of $1,500/month compared to traditional advertising.

Small Class Size Limit + Hands-On Training = You Learn Better!

Full Money-back Guarantee

By the end of the SEO course, if you still cannot create your own webpage and are not satisfied for whatever reason,
let us know and we will refund you the full SEO course fee.  There is NO RISK in signing up!

How Much is the SEO Course Worth?

Here’s how much value you are really getting from our SEO course.


FREE assistance in setting up of Google tools: Worth $300


FREE powerful keyword research template: Worth $500


FREE access to online forum where you get free consultation: Worth $1,000


Your ability to perform SEO on your website: Worth $2,000-$5,000

Total value of workshop: Worth ~$4,000-$7,000 (AMAZINGLY GOOD VALUE!)

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Frequently Asked Questions (SEO Course)

Who Should Attend This SEO Course?

You should attend this SEO course if you are a/an

  • Property agent who wishes to generate more client leads through online marketing
  • Other professional who wishes to expand their skill-sets by picking up SEO in an efficient manner
  • Business owner who wishes to differentiate themselves from their competition by creating a BIG online presence
  • Aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to learn how to create an online impact for the purpose of blogging, selling products or services and other ways of making money online
  • Anyone else who wishes to learn how to perform SEO to boost website traffic quickly and easily
Are there any pre-requisites for attending this SEO course?

You are not required to have a website prior to attending this SEO course.  However, basic computer skills are assumed.  You will also be required to bring a laptop for the SEO course.

Who is the trainer for this SEO course?

Our trainer for this SEO course is Ms. Charlene, an online marketing practitioner and IT professional with more than 8 years of industry experience. Charlene’s specialty is in web design using WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She has consistently been rated highly by participants of our workshops. Just some of the feedback given by participants:

  • “I like the trainer who readily shared many of her own experiences with web design and gave many tips for improvement. Keep up the good work! :)”
  • “The trainer Charlene was very knowledgeable and conducted the workshop in a very hands-on and interesting format.”
  • “The trainer Charlene was humble, approachable and very helpful!”
What Will I Learn in this SEO course?

SEO Course Outline

  1. Introduction to SEO
    • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    • Organic vs Paid Search
    • How important is SEO to your business?
    • Why Google and how does it work?
    • Benefits of SEO
  2. Keyword Research
    • Identify your business niche
    • Using Google Trend & Keyword Planner
  3. Search Engine Friendly Content
    • How do you write content for your visitors?
    • Google Panda
  4. On Page Optimization
    • Get your website Information Architecture right at the beginning
    • Hands on optimizing Title Tags, Meta descriptions, header tags, etc.
    • Learn more about contents that can be optimized: body text, image, video
    • URL Canonicalization
    • How to build internal link scheme?
    • Setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • 301 Redirects
  5. Off Page Optimization
    • External link building
    • Blogging
    • Google Penguin
    • Social Networks
    • PPC Campaigns
  6. SEO and Beyond

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